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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Solutions by Compelite

Is your website working for you? Are you getting at least 20 enquiries per week from your website? If not, you should talk to us!

Compelite specializes in helping companies achieve online success. We offer graphic design, website design, custom application development, online marketing and Internet services. Through many lessons learned, we have developed a set of industry-leading approaches, technologies and processes that enable us to deliver cost-effective, visually stunning, successful online sales platforms incorporating the latest search engine tactics from the ground up.

Compelite provides solutions for budgets of all sizes.

* We offer all clients FREE telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

* Don’t worry if your challenge seems too small or too big…over the last 12 years our clients have ranged from small businesses to large organizations.

* We pride ourselves in our customer service and project management skills, with hundreds of projects delivered on time, in budget.

* Our goal is simple ...We want to make you happy.

Services Include:

Graphic Design – We offer a full range of Corporate Identity services in the form of Logo Design, Graphic Design and Corporate Style Guide services, including trade show, brochure, mass media print and outdoor advertising conceptual, design and layout services.

Websites – We have developed websites for small businesses and for Fortune 500 organizations and everything in between since 1997. We produce award-winning, search engine friendly Web Designs for startups and Web Redesigns for organizations looking for the next level of beauty & functionality as well as tighter integration between their website with their operations.

Website Extensions – Do you need to add an event calendar, a file uploader, a photo album, a blog, a discussion board, an interactive chat, a Twitter or Facebook interface or some other type of interactive application to your website? We have a huge library of add-ons that can really make your website POP in the eyes of the market.

Shopping Cart – Our search engine friendly eCommerce Engine provides all of the features and functions you need to get into eCommerce with a simple, easy-to-use turn-key solution.

Website Optimization – If it isn’t yet, then make your website more search engine friendly! We follow the guidelines set by the major search engines and have direct relationships with them. If you would like a free phone consultation to discuss your website and review items that we would suggest optimizing and/or adding to your website to make it more search engine friendly, please contact us today.

Custom Software Development – oCrystal reports, ERP integrations, Java, PHP & .NET apps and much more...our programming team has been building custom applications for over 12 years.

Let us know your needs and we can deliver your solution!

For more information on how we can help you please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Featured Client – Chocolate Martini

Here at Compelite, we have the privilege of working with brands that have exciting backgrounds from a broad spectrum of industries. A great example is Chocolate Martini, a fun and eclectic clothing brand that came to Compelite to take their company a huge step forward.

As you can imagine, the idea of Chocolate Martini sprung up over a few martinis. Hailing from the UK, Jane Record grew up sewing her own clothes, painting, drawing and styling. But she never imaged she would be doing these things for a living. During her time as a lawyer, she felt out of place amongst a sea of conservative black suits. Gradually, she moved away from this profession into more creative fields. But it wasn’t until she moved to Hong Kong in 2003 that she became professionally involved in the world of fashion.

Starting with accessories and styling, Jane and an Australian designer collaborated to put together a label at the beginning of 2006, which soon after came to be Chocolate Martini. The line was originally inspired by a mix of boutique Italian designers, catwalks, vintage shops, streets around the world and the massive markets of Asia. Jane’s initiative was to make fun, eclectic clothes that women could play with and feel special, gorgeous and loved in. Each piece is designed with a twist to make it unique and theatrical. These clothes are timeless and fit for the fashion chameleon. To top it all off, these items are available at prices that won’t break the bank.

When Chocolate Martini came to Compelite, they had a name and a vision, and were ready to advance their brand. We assisted them in the development of their corporate identity, business cards and website, followed by the next logical step – eCommerce.

They are now excited to announce the launch of their online web store in conjunction with a fashion show which will showcase their Summer 2010 collection. It will take place at the lavish five-star sea-front Provençal Beach restaurant in Juan Les Pins on the French Riviera. All proceeds from this event will go to the charity RED, which supports victims of AIDS-related illnesses in sub-Saharan Africa. The details are as follows:

What: Chocolate Martini Clothing Fashion Show -Summer 2010
When: Saturday 5th September at 4pm
Where: Provencal beach, Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera

For more information on Chocolate Martini, or to view their latest collection, please visit, and become a fan on Facebook at:

To find out how we can help you make your ideas come to life as we did for Chocolate Martini, please contact Graham Leach at (852) 2524 3303 or e-mail us at

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Featured Client - 3 Kayas

One of the things that makes working at Compelite so interesting is the wide variety of clients we have, and learning more about their backgrounds. A perfect instance of this is one of our latest clients, 3 Kayas.

3 Kayas is a formalization of some property activities which the owner, Jon, has had in Bali and Java for a while which he is now going to take forward. In Bahasa Indonesia “kaya” means rich/riches; the “3” refers mainly to Jon’s sons (aged 7, 5 and 3.)

Prior to this venture, Jon was a lawyer and partner in private practice for 22 years with a leading international law firm working mainly in London and Hong Kong, with periods in other major European cities as well. He quit the law 3 years ago and in his own words “feels very lucky to have got out alive. It was a remunerative job but hard work and long hours, even though I was the laziest lawyer I knew.”

Jon’s focus now is his family and their 3 sons – according to Jon, “it’s hard work but a great joy and I’m not so lazy any more!” They’ve lived in Hong Kong for over ten years, most of that on the South Side of HK Island. Jon told us “I don't leave Stanley much, other to visit Compelite’s offices, which are happily next door to where I train in Shaolin Wushu, my other principal diversion outside of the family.”

We enjoyed working with Jon very much during his project, and we asked him how he liked working with us. He said, “The exercise of building the website with Compelite has been great and I’ve enjoyed the whole process. I surprised myself how interested I could be in designing something that is close to my heart and it was fun communicating with Leon and the others [at Compelite] and seeing the ideas come to life. They were very patient and professional!”

Compelite is proud to have worked with Jon to help him develop his Corporate Identity/Logo and Website for his development land in Java. And we look forward to working with him in the future as he looks to roll out 3 Kayas to include the beachside development land that he has in West Bali!

For more information on 3 Kayas and their land development, please contact Jon at And for more information on how we can help you to make your ideas come to life please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Integrity for Professionals

Despite the dire economic conditions and unfortunate layoffs, many people are looking for the silver lining. They are using this opportunity to set up their own company and strike off on their own.

Compelite has developed a package which is ideal for the smaller company which is just starting out called Integrity for Professionals. This package is designed to give you a Corporate Identity and an Online Presence hassle-free and at very attractive pricing.

This package is a “no surprises” deal for professionals who seek a hassle-free way to develop a Corporate Identity and put an Online Presence together for two years so they don’t have to think about it very much afterward. The package includes:

• Basic Corporate Identity (logo, name card, letterhead)
• Registration of domain name
• Development of “template” website
• Website and email hosting for twenty four months
• Four (4) semi-annual website updates

Please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or for more information about our Integrity for Professionals package to see if it is right for you.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cainsoft Corporate ID & Communications

Cainsoft chose Compelite to register their domain name and provide hosting this month along with supplying them with a corporate ID & communications package.

Cainsoft is a software development and consulting firm serving the wealth management and investment management industries.

Compelite provide fast, reliable web hosting and e-mail solutions with web based tools to help you get the most out of your website and e-mail.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Brinks Corporate ID revised

The well established security company Brinks came to Compelite for help with an update of their corporate image. Compelite revamped their Hong Kong identity and applied new layouts to the corporate communication documents. This also included Electronic documents for direct e-mail quoting.

Brinks also invested in our NetFax Server solution which allows them to send a Fax from any PC on the network via one Fax connection.

Additionally, Compelite worked on redesigning their website and developing their monthly electronic newsletter using our e-newsletter system.

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