Due to the new regulations allowing Barristers to market their
services in Hong Kong, Compelite has put together a special
package to help them get on-line and take advantage of the

Being in the web business for over 12 years and having developed
over 200 websites (see our PORTFOLIO), Compelite is the right company to take you step by step through the process of putting
your business online.

Our introduction pack includes:

And a team to help you make the Internet work for your business.

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The package includes:

1. 1 Year Email Hosting

A Customized Website

1 Year Website Hosting

4. 1 Year Registration of
    Your Unique Domain Name

5. Semi Annual Updates*

*updates outside this schedule cost
HK$800.00 per hour.

Year 1: HK$15,000

  - HK$3,000 deposit
  - HK$1,000 per month

Year 2: HK$4,000

This covers the costs of
continuing the hosting, website hosting and semi-annual website updates.

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Sales Director

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E:  graham@compelite.net
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