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Compelite's mass email system allows you to send out emails in bulk, reliably and quickly with added graphic power from HTML.

The way newsletters are created and distributed has completely changed. Compelite is at the cutting edge of the latest electronic newsletter technology. While your company may already send out eNewsletters in large files such as PDFs or small plain text files, Compelite has proven solutions which make it easier to create, distribute and also get valuable feedback – including who read them and which links they visited. This will help improve future editions and direct specific company information and marketing towards interested recipients.

Our system includes the following functionality:

  • Full graphic HTML e-mail system
  • Extremely easy to use, no HTML knowledge is necessary via your web browser
  • eNewsletter readership can be tracked, analysed and archived
  • Add links to drive traffic to your corporate website
  • Image upload facility
  • Full security login
  • Individually personalised (e.g. Dear Mr Smith)
  • Subscribe a friend
  • Automated unsubscribe
  • Multiple recipient lists
  • Send up to 20,000 emails at one time
  • A wide range of flexible, customisable and personalised templates
  • Tracking of opened emails
  • Tracking of hypertext links
  • Plain text option

Compelite's system is a fully powered mailing engine which allows you to control the email content and appearance without any programming or HTML knowledge.

eNewsletters are designed to work independently or in conjunction with other Compelite services, such as On-line Registration and On-line Surveys, which are designed to enhance and drive traffic to your corporate Website.

Compelite eNewsletter Brochure
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