Compelite Limited

Friday, December 06, 2002

Law Firms Come to Compelite For Secure Solution

Top HK based Law companies Allen & Overy and Lovells use Compelite's secure electronic documentation system to produce transaction CDROMs.

Even the long-established practices in the legal field are making way for technological advances, especially in the production of documentation and the filing of them.

Both Allen & Overy and Lovells HK branches are using Compelite's secure, searchable e-doc system for many transactions and other document management projects.

Our system saves space, offers high security on all documents and is fully searchable.

No database required and any keyword can be found instantly in all the relevant pages of the documents. The whole document uses high security password encryption, so even in the wrong hands the information remains safe.

Backed up with Compelite's online approval and tracking system the lawyers can find out the progress of any documents.

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