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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Punchline Comedy Club New Web Site

A favourite with expats in Asia, John Moorehead has launched a new website for his Punchline Comedy Club.

The new website was developed in Hong Kong by the Compelite team, who also work with the club to send thousands of e-mails reminding comedy fans to purchase their tickets for the show. The newsletter allows people to click on links to book tickets, times and locations or find out more about their favourite comedians.

The site allows users to add their names to the mailing list for the city they are interested in and the club outputs a monthly newsletter featuring the funniest comedians flown in from the UK circuits. So, sign up yourself and have a laugh at the Punchline Comedy Club.

Here's the Punchline Comedy Club Website

More information about our mass e-mailing solution

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