Compelite Limited

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Compelite become the first Adobe Solution Integrator in Hong Kong.

Working with Adobe for more than 4 years to produce electronic documentation solutions, Compelite now have been recognised as a true Adobe partner in Hong Kong.

Our clients such as supermarket retailer Park’n’Shop, Allen & Overy and Lovells have been working with Compelite to scan and convert all their documentation into electronic form.

Benefits of Electronic Documents:
  • Converting your paper into electronic format has many benefits.
  • Productivity increases as your documents are readily available from a PC.
  • No more searching through file cabinets, file rooms, or warehouses.
  • Reduces lost files and misfiled documents.
  • Allows you to save valuable storage space.
  • Sharing electronic documents is effortless across your company's network, intranet, or the internet.
  • Multiple users can access the same documents simultaneously.
  • Save copying costs and time.
  • Scanning preserves documents that would otherwise deteriorate on paper.
  • It reduces handling of fragile paper.

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