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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On-line payment in Hong Kong

AsiaPay make Compelite a reseller partner for their Hong Kong eCommerce packages to make on-line payment EASY at last!

After a slow start to eCommerce, Hong Kong is finally seeing the light that on-line payment is a true asset to doing business in Asia. No longer tied to the banks long and expensive set-up costs for a merchant account. AsiaPay allows you to set up an on-line payment gateway in days at only HK$1,000. They provide a basic shopping cart facility at HK$ 240 per month and off you go. (Payment is around 4.2% on each transaction. includes Visa, AMEX diners etc).

Compelite have teamed up with AsiaPay as many websites need this function, to provide a true business solution. Compelite integrate seamlessly to the PayDollar system so your website can take on-line payments and stay in the same environment as your corporate website, offering a true integrated solution.

For more information about on-line payment and integration of your website with a payment gateway. Call Compelite on 2524 3303 or click here to contact us.

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