Compelite Limited

Monday, May 21, 2007

Pay Per Click Management

Due to popular demand, Compelite have expanded their expertise in Pay Per Click (PPC) management, and now offer Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter management.

Although Google offer the most advanced PPC system on the market, we have decided to expand our services to include Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter so that we can offer our clients a wider range of services.

Yahoo Search Marketing have recently upgraded their PPC system in the US to their new Panama ad system in order to better compete with Google AdWords. Although Yahoo started the PPC systems that we see today (formerly called GoTo, then Overture, then Yahoo Search Marketing), we now see them continuously playing catch up with Google. Their lastest addition has been their ad ranking system which closely resembles Google's Quality Score system.

Microsoft have also recently updated their ppc system from MSN adCenter to Microsoft adCenter, as well as updated several aspects of their tools available.