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Welcome to the May Issue of Compelite's monthly eNewsletter. This month we will be discussing the impact of Hong Kong's Anti-Spam ordinance on your eMarketing practices, look at examples of notable projects, and weigh in on the growing call for the introduction of standards in the Search Engine Optimisation industry. We are also introducing a FREE trial of our amazing new software for LIVE monitoring of your website which even allows you to chat to people who are viewing your website!

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The last few years have seen a considerable increase in the recognition of Search Engine Marketing as a key component of a businesses' online strategy. However, with such a big focus on just getting people to visit websites, quite often the topic of what happens once they get there is overlooked, and potential customers are abandoned to serve themselves. This approach is somewhat similar to opening a shop in a prime location but without any sales assistants to take care of the customers.

So what can you do to better serve your customers and also increase the probability of converting a visit into a solid lead or a sale? Compelite’s answer to this question is found in its WhosOn solution - an online application providing detailed, real-time information on visitors currently browsing your website, and allowing you initiate an online chat with them to offer additional assistance and connect personally.

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If you would like to evaluate WhosOn to see how well it can work for you, Compelite offers a free 1 month no obligation trial.

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Over the years Compelite has assisted many firms both large and small with their graphic design needs. While it is well known that we are a one-stop provider for businesses seeking to establish their Corporate Identity, providing our clients with anything from a standalone logo to a full corporate communications package, it is often not realised that our design team also has considerable experience with many other projects as well, covering the range from brochures, magazine layouts, multimedia presentations, 3D animations to booth designs for tradeshows.

At Compelite we're always eager to discuss how we can help you meet your graphic design needs. Should you have an upcoming graphic design project which requires a bit of an out-of-the-box solution, please feel free to contact Mr. Leon Yau at 2524 3303.

  It has been some time since Hong Kong passed anti-spam laws which affects the way we are allowed to conduct email marketing campaigns. However, many non compliant email messages are still being sent on a daily basis, and companies which fail to check their practices risk of running afoul of the new laws. With penalties ranging from HK$100,000 to HK$1million fines and up to 5 years imprisonment, it is vitally important for companies to review their current email marketing system and practices for compliance.

Compelite is proud of the fact that our eMarketing solution is one of the first in Hong Kong to be compliant with the anti-spam laws. In fact, our system has long provided the features needed for compliance with these new regulations...

For more information on how to ensure your eMarketing efforts are effective and legal, click here.

To arrange a free consultation on how you can get the most out of your online marketing efforts by using Compelite’s eMarketing system, please feel free to contact Henry Tong at 2524 3303.


Businesses in today's marketplace are becoming more and more interested in how they can save time and money by improving efficiency. This is even more true for non-profits and associations who constantly endeavour to get the most value out of their budgets. Compelite is pleased to have been working with the Australian Association of Hong Kong for a number of years, providing regular website maintenance and updates. When the time came to revamp their website, Compelite was happy for the opportunity to take the website a step further. New features introduced have been designed to make it more efficient for end users and administrators alike, equipping the site with backend tools to enable Association staff to easily perform their own updates. There was also a need to provide interactive features for the benefit of website users. The end result was not only a site that the client was happy with, but also one which has earned its place as one of our recent favourites.

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Please contact Pete Grella or call 2524 3303 for a free consultation.

Performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website is one of the most important things which can be done to improve your website's visibility, gaining you an advantage over your competition and dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your online presence. As the number of businesses that seek out these services continues to grow, so does the number of disreputable firms attempting to cash in on this trend, perfoming all manner of useless "optimisations" which of course fail to deliver much benefit. In addition to this, the problem can also be compounded by poor practices used when the website was originally built; if the webmaster did not have a proper appreciation of best practices from the very beginning, performing proper optimisation may well require rebuilding all the pages from scratch.

This situation has prompted many to call for the establishment of a set of SEO standards which will allow business managers to be better equipped to see through the smokescreens and choose service providers that adhere to best practices and can deliver proven, predictable results. In this month's issue, Compelite SEO Manager Michael Pieper discusses the possibility of this becoming a reality. Click to read more on the need for Search Engine Optimisation standards.

To arrange a free consultation to see how Compelite’s Search Engine Marketing services can help expand your business reach, please contact Michael Pieper or call 2524 3303 for more information.

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