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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Many companies recognize the power and value of electronic direct marketing (eMarketing) in reaching out and keeping their customers up to date. Compelite’s eTouch service allows you unlimited access to do just that. However, some companies do not want (or need) to commit to a full, unlimited service.

Compelite has developed a product called eShots which is ideal for those companies who only need to send out infrequent electronic announcements. We can do everything from developing & sending your eShot from scratch, or just sending out your already developed eShot to your database using our powerful delivery platform (eTouch.)

We have a number of eShot packages available for you to choose from, depending on the number of eShots you anticipate on sending out (the more eShots you buy up front, the more cost effective it becomes.)

A typical eShot includes:

• Create and verify the HTML from your example document
• Verify the email database that you have indicated to us
• Connect the HTML to the database into our delivery platform, eTouch
• Send the HTML to your database
• Produce the tracking reports that you need

Please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or to see which eShots package is right for you.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

DestinAsian on-line Readership Survey

DestinAsian came to Compelite to put their readership survey on-line. The benefits are remarkable. All users can log on to their website at and then complete the survey on-line. Each readers results are automatically calculated and the statistics generate graphs to show the results. Our software can generate unlimited on-line surveys (polls) in order to get fast results.

The winner will be picked next month so if you are a reader of DestinAsian then log on now. You could win a holiday for two at Le Royal Meridien… Try our demo (complete with results page) to see how the on-line survey works.


Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Australian International School NEW Website

We had great fun working on the school’s website. The Australian International School chose Compelite to revamp their website to give a new look and feel with a fresh layout to show the school in its true Australian spirit.

Due to the amount of information on this site Compelite designed the interactive drop-down menu to allow users to easily navigate the site and find over 100Mb of information in over 160 pages.

This website also includes our real-time on-line survey for parent and pupils’ feedback to help the school implement new ideas and procedures.

More about our real-time on-line surveys

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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Links Relocations

In order to better reach their clients, Links will produce a monthly newsletter. This will update clients on new services and company news.

Using Compelite's online E-Newsletter software, Links can not only build the newsletter through a browser, but distribute it up to 20,000 subscribers at a touch of a button. The built in mass e-mailing system can be used to personalise each e-mail and with the tracking system, you can tell who opened each e-mail and which links they clicked.

Find more about E-Newsletters

Links will also incorporate our winning on-line survey system for feedback and marketing information to better serve their clients in the future.

Find more about Online Surveys

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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Compelite Roll Out Online Survey System

The Australian Association recently launched their annual year end questionnaire. With over 500 members, feedback is valuable to ensure members are satisfied with the events, the management and the cost for this non-profit organization.

Normally, the Association sent out letters to all member asking them to fill in a paper questionnaire and post it back. The admin would type all the results into a spreadsheet and work out the overall statistics. The whole process would take months, and the response was less than 50%.

This year The Australian Association contacted Compelite to simplify the process. We offered our online survey as a solution. Within 30 mins of the first email 38 members had already done the questionnaire. And the results were automatically calculated in real-time.

The following morning over 200 people had submitted their answers and the results were already showing good information on how things could be planned for the following year.

The Association thinks this to be a great success with over 80% of members contributing and with results in real-time with no laborious calculations required, giving results in days rather than months. The system questions are easy to edit, add and delete and many surveys can be run at once.

From this project the Australian International School and Ernest Maude Financial Services have made enquiries to set up their own on-line survey.

Try our demo survey