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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Web Business Growth - Part 3

Growing a profitable Web Business is a strategic process that requires long-range vision, careful planning, precise execution and patience. It's vital that you know exactly what you want to accomplish and that you have a detailed blueprint to follow.

Your Internet Presence

Of course you need to have a website that is optimized and tested to convert traffic, and then you need to devote time to developing and executing short-term and long-term promotional strategies. These strategies must stand on their own as well as work together to get you the best results.

In the last issue, we looked at the second of five key strategies you can use to advance your business and improve your profit margin (#2 Find the Best Use for Your Marketing Budget; and don’t forget #1 Always Look for Opportunities to Increase Sales.) In this issue, we will look at the third of the five:

#3. Invest in a Virtual Assistant
This is an opportunity to outsource various redundant tasks to someone who is capable, reliable and trustworthy. The big advantage to you is you'll have more time to devote to activities that generate income and help you grow your business.

A virtual assistant works from his or her office as an independent contractor and is responsible for whatever administrative or operational responsibilities you assign. Compensation can be agreed upon at an hourly rate, per assignment or by retainer.

If you are not yet at the stage where you can afford to pay a virtual assistant, you can consider a suitable barter arrangement with a subscriber or a customer. You can also ask a family member or a friend for help. You can't do it all yourself and you shouldn't even consider that option for the long-term.

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Next issue we’ll cover the fourth key marketing strategy for growing your web business…