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Friday, February 27, 2009

Remote Booking

Turn visitors into customers!

Have you ever wondered how to make your website more effective to your business’ bottom line?

The answer begins with information and ends with action.

If you are running a website offering something (package vacations, for example) can you quickly and easily determine how many people are visiting your website each day? Do you know which of your packages are the most popular? Can you engage people who spend a “lot” of time on your site, either looking at several packages or taking a long look at a single package to convert them from visitors into CLIENTS?

For 2009 we have put together a system designed to answer all of the above questions and more. Our remote booking service provides you with all of the information and tools needed for real-time live web monitoring, interactive chat, and more.

* Remote booking enables our operators to view website visits in real-time. They can watch visitors arrive at your site and watch how visitors move from page to page. They can see where the visitors came from (Google, for example) as well as glean specific data about the visitor, such as Country, City and the Browser they are using. Our system also tracks whether or not this is a repeat customer. If they are, the details of each previous visit are retained, including referring source, pages visited, previous chats and more.

* Remote booking comes with a wide range of powerful reports that we can provide to you at any frequency desired (daily, weekly, monthly) and to any degree of detail desired. Our reports can be delivered in email or over the WWW and we have over 75 different pre-defined reports to choose from. Plus, we can create custom reports if your needs demand as such.

* Remote booking allows visitors to your website to chat with our operators in an easy, natural way. Whilst chatting, our operators can instantly see details of the visitor’s visit (what pages they have looked at) and their previous visits. They can also access previous chats that visitor may have had with other operators, speeding up the booking process as well as forging stronger ties with the visitor. Our operators can ‘push' pages to visitors to help your organization promote a specific special or package, or simply help the visitor get to the package they are looking for with a minimum of fuss.

* Remote booking enables our operators to proactively invite visitors to chat with them, sparking conversations and raising the ‘close rate’ of your website significantly. Using our Prospect Detection facility allows you to focus on high-probability visitors to your website by flagging key pages. When viewed by a visitor, these pages immediately inform our operators that a ‘Prospect' is on the website so they can take immediate action.
Our remote booking is ideal for many industries, such as hotels, spas, resorts, travel agents, hospitality, retail, and much more.

Click here for more information on how remote booking can turn visitors into clients (and repeat clients.) Or contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or via email at