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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Compelite become the first Adobe Solution Integrator in Hong Kong.

Working with Adobe for more than 4 years to produce electronic documentation solutions, Compelite now have been recognised as a true Adobe partner in Hong Kong.

Our clients such as supermarket retailer Park’n’Shop, Allen & Overy and Lovells have been working with Compelite to scan and convert all their documentation into electronic form.

Benefits of Electronic Documents:
  • Converting your paper into electronic format has many benefits.
  • Productivity increases as your documents are readily available from a PC.
  • No more searching through file cabinets, file rooms, or warehouses.
  • Reduces lost files and misfiled documents.
  • Allows you to save valuable storage space.
  • Sharing electronic documents is effortless across your company's network, intranet, or the internet.
  • Multiple users can access the same documents simultaneously.
  • Save copying costs and time.
  • Scanning preserves documents that would otherwise deteriorate on paper.
  • It reduces handling of fragile paper.

For more information on our document scanning and conversion to e-documents contact us at


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pacific Internet

Teaming up with the best ‘Business Broadband’ provider in HK. Compelite are now switching their clients over to Pacific Internet for business broadband. After much trouble with PCCW Netvigator accounts, holding router information, changing SMTP settings, and general lack of service. Compelite have teamed up with Pacific Internet to on-sell their Business Broadband Solution.

From only $ 600 per month for a 6M Business Broadband account for unlimited uses. Compelite can set-up your corporate broadband access and VPN with increased security, stability and speed.

Pacific Internet monitor and do not oversubscribe their lines most users see a real increase in speed for internet access. As they also allow users to use their own routers and have a great support team, we find it so easy to integrate with this service.

For more information on secures access, VPN and general fast internet connection. Call us on 2524 3303 or view our contact details online.


Friday, June 10, 2005

MTR subsidiary company Railsourcing website design.

RAIL SOURCING SOLUTIONS (RSS) is a Hong Kong based organisation that specialises in managing the supply chain process for equipment and materials within the international rail industry.

Using a mix of HTML and Flash elements the website blends classic design with media that is still search engine friendly. Most Flash websites look great but due to the nature of Flash programming all content is missed by the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo etc.

For a great looking website which can be easily found by the worlds major search engines, contact Compelite for our web solutions now…

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