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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Solutions by Compelite

Is your website working for you? Are you getting at least 20 enquiries per week from your website? If not, you should talk to us!

Compelite specializes in helping companies achieve online success. We offer graphic design, website design, custom application development, online marketing and Internet services. Through many lessons learned, we have developed a set of industry-leading approaches, technologies and processes that enable us to deliver cost-effective, visually stunning, successful online sales platforms incorporating the latest search engine tactics from the ground up.

Compelite provides solutions for budgets of all sizes.

* We offer all clients FREE telephone consultation to discuss your needs.

* Don’t worry if your challenge seems too small or too big…over the last 12 years our clients have ranged from small businesses to large organizations.

* We pride ourselves in our customer service and project management skills, with hundreds of projects delivered on time, in budget.

* Our goal is simple ...We want to make you happy.

Services Include:

Graphic Design – We offer a full range of Corporate Identity services in the form of Logo Design, Graphic Design and Corporate Style Guide services, including trade show, brochure, mass media print and outdoor advertising conceptual, design and layout services.

Websites – We have developed websites for small businesses and for Fortune 500 organizations and everything in between since 1997. We produce award-winning, search engine friendly Web Designs for startups and Web Redesigns for organizations looking for the next level of beauty & functionality as well as tighter integration between their website with their operations.

Website Extensions – Do you need to add an event calendar, a file uploader, a photo album, a blog, a discussion board, an interactive chat, a Twitter or Facebook interface or some other type of interactive application to your website? We have a huge library of add-ons that can really make your website POP in the eyes of the market.

Shopping Cart – Our search engine friendly eCommerce Engine provides all of the features and functions you need to get into eCommerce with a simple, easy-to-use turn-key solution.

Website Optimization – If it isn’t yet, then make your website more search engine friendly! We follow the guidelines set by the major search engines and have direct relationships with them. If you would like a free phone consultation to discuss your website and review items that we would suggest optimizing and/or adding to your website to make it more search engine friendly, please contact us today.

Custom Software Development – oCrystal reports, ERP integrations, Java, PHP & .NET apps and much more...our programming team has been building custom applications for over 12 years.

Let us know your needs and we can deliver your solution!

For more information on how we can help you please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or

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Friday, September 04, 2009


Compelite offers high quality, innovative and affordable solutions designed to meet your business requirements.

Are you starting a new business? Or are you a fledgling company looking to improve your IT? Design? We have a range of packages built to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us to put together a tailor-made solution.

eBusiness Starter Package

Website and Design

Everything your business needs to get started including:
• Templated, CMS controlled website
• Website and Email hosting
• Domain registration and hosting

from only HK$ 5,000

Book now to take advantage of this great deal. Call Graham Leach on 2524 3303 or email for more information.

IT Support Services

Computer Maintenance and Support Services

A comprehensive package to support your entire computer system; from desktop to internet. As well as future IT equipment queries and services:
• Scheduled check ups
• Telephone support
• Emergency service guarantee
• Next business day service guarantee
• Technical purchase advice
• Free computer consultancy
• Computer asset management

from only HK$ 10,000

Book now to take advantage of this great deal. Call David Yim on 2524 3003 or e mail for more information.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outsourced IT Support

Now, more than ever, companies are paying attention to the bottom line and watching costs. You can reduce your fixed IT Staffing Costs with Compelite’s Outsourced IT Support!

Compelite has been in the business of supporting companies of all sizes and industries for over 10 years in terms of their IT services. Why keep an expensive IT technician on payroll when we can offer you a cost-effective option with a four-hour response promise, remote assistance and a help line?

Our IT support costs are LOW and we have a LARGE POOL of multi-talented IT technicians. Call today to find out how we can lower your IT costs in 2009.

Feel free to contact David at or 2524 3303 for more information on how our Outsourced IT Support service can help you…


Friday, May 22, 2009

Time Technology


Time – there is never enough of it. Time Technology, a leader in productivity and time management, understands the need to create more time in order to have better quality work:life balance.

Take Control with TimeSmart

TimeSmart is radically different to conventional time management courses; traditionally, these rely on to-do lists, paper-based note books and top-down delegation.

TimeSmart teaches individuals and teams to work smarter by fully utilizing the technology already sitting on our desktops – Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Over 7,000 executives across the region (Time Technology has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore) have enjoyed achieving extra time. The TimeSmart programs are offered in English, Cantonese and Mandarin and are conducted in-house and through regular public workshops.

Time Technology was formed in Hong Kong in 2003 by Christine Petersen, an authority on productivity and value added management. With a long and successful career in both learning and development and the corporate world, Christine has always been at the forefront of helping leading individuals, teams and organizations meet the demands of a constantly changing business environment. Christine developed her intellectual property, Time Technology, in response to a growing demand by business leaders for practical ways to achieve better control in the workplace.

Compelite is proud to have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Christine and Time Technology. Over the years, Compelite has worked on many projects for Time Technology, such as:
  • Design and build their website, including the booking function
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • eNewsletters
  • IT Equipment and IT Support

We are also big believers in what Time Technology does. In fact, we at Compelite send our employees to Christine’s TimeSmart classes to make our work effort more efficient!

For more information on how to “work smarter” please contact Christine Petersen at Time Technology ( And for more information on how we can help you with your online business please contact Graham Leach at 2524 3303 or so we can discuss your requirements with you.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Exchange Email Accounts

With the economy in a downward trend, most companies are looking to cut costs and freeze spending. However, this can hurt productivity as it keeps you from getting the services you actually need. A good example of this is an Exchange Server; many companies need the benefits of an Exchange Server but can’t foot the price tag at this time.

That’s where Compelite’s Exchange Email Accounts service fits in… for HK$150 per month per account, you will get:
  • 5GB Storage
  • Outlook/Exchange Connection
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Windows Mobile Synchronization

If several of your employees get this service, they can share their calendars, client list and files. It’s like getting a lite edition of an Exchange Server at a fraction of the cost!

Feel free to contact David at or 2524 3303 for more information on how our Exchange Email Account service can help you…

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Monday, April 14, 2008

In-house vs Outsourcing for your IT Support?

As technology becomes more standardised, reliable and simpler to maintain, law firms should re-examine their IT support costs. It has been customary for many to have in-house technical staff for rapid response when needed, but now with low cost redundancy servers and advancements in hardware and software, the blue screen and network downtime are finally becoming a thing of the past (or at least should be if you have the right IT team). This means firms can realistically expect to outsource IT without worrying about being seriously inconvenienced should mishaps occur.

Studies show that there is an increasing trend to outsource, and law firms are leading the trend. So does outsourcing IT mean you are compromising? Far from it! Actually outsourcing allows law firms to concentrate on what they do best whilst your IT partners do what they do best. Below are some common areas where outsourcing your IT makes perfect sense.

Cost Savings
As you only pay for time used, outsourcing results in significant savings. Also, setting fixed costs for projects allows better budget control.

Better service quality
As IT is now handled on a client/service provider basis, service tends to be better than that provided by in-house staff.

Keeping up to date
Technology changes rapidly, and outsourcing providers will have greater appreciation of developments in other industries and be able to determine which emerging technologies can be beneficial to your firm.

Better Risk Management
Risks are reduced as the IT partner will have prior knowledge and experience on projects and only offer proven working solutions. Not only will they have far more real-world experience in many industries they will also be better at mitigating the risks involved in handling delicate tasks like upgrades and security management.

Hiring and Training services
For projects that must be handled in-house, top professional IT outsourcing companies can assist in hiring and training staff to ensure they have the appropriate skills. This training can be conducted on the job, with IT outsourcers providing secondment arrangements where their staff can work at your location.

Economies of scale
Most small firms simply can not afford to match the in-house support services that larger firms have, limiting what can be done, and when. A good outsourcing firm will have the resources to start immediately. Outsourcing also helps small firms act "big" by giving them the economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large firms enjoy. Sometimes far better solutions due to less internal bureaucracy...

Local outsourcing partner
When outsourcing is mentioned one often thinks of working with staff in developing countries like India. However effective outsourcing can be done locally so you have a familiar faces in the office, it's also good to know who you are working with. Choosing the right partner is the key to success. Never forget to consider the following questions:
  • How good is the company's infrastructure?
  • What is the quality of its workforce? How qualified and experienced are the employees you will be relying upon?
  • How successful has the firm been in handling projects in the past?
  • Who are they currently working with and for how long?
  • How confidentially or discreetly will the company be able to carry on your work and what are their security policies?
Once you have satisfied yourself on these counts your firm can unhesitatingly go ahead, outsource and benefit from it...

Garry Smith is Managing Director of Compelite Limited, an IT services provider with a wealth of experience helping law firms in Asia implement cost effective outsourced IT solutions.